Hugh Salt

Cambridge Dutchbikes

Hugh has been cycling in Cambridge since he was a young boy, with his grandfather making new bikes out of spare parts to fit a growing youngster. His love for cycling continued when he moved to Amsterdam in 1980 where, braving the busy streets on an old Simplex Opa fiets, he embraced the Dutch cycling culture. On his regular return trips to Cambridge, he was often asked to bring back Dutch bikes for friends.

After a factory closed in Alkmaar, Hugh bought lots of stock and sent it back to England to be sold to eager buyers. Soon after this, Hugh became an importer for different brands of Dutch bike, and prepared the orders from his workshop in the Netherlands. The business was taking off and Hugh decided to focus his efforts on the family and children market, prompting him to coin the phrase ‘School Run Centre’ for his shop in Hope Street Yard.

Hugh was the first cargo bike trader in Cambridge, and he continues to sell his Dutch bikes today. They are a regular sight around Cambridge.


My Sessions

Cargo Carnival!

Lammas Land

Roll up, roll up, for the stupendous, amazing, incredible Cargo Carnival! Join our happy parade of cyclists as you show the city of Cambridge what can be carried on a bike – from children to carpentry tools and pizza to puppies! Meeting at 11am, we’ll take a short ride through the city centre to Lammas […]

Family-friendly Social rides

Family cycling event

The Grove School

Join Camcycle and a range of family cycling experts, children’s cycles, cargo cycles and equipment for carrying children for a new event to share knowledge and experiences of family cycling. The event will include talks, an opportunity for questions and lots of chances for testing of cycles and kit. We thrilled to have two guest […]

Family-friendly Talk