Family cycling adventurers

Tom and Katie Jones and their three children, Thomas, Ruth and Rhoda are together FamilyByCycle, who love cycling adventures and believe they are something that any family can achieve. On 2 September 2018, the youngest members of the family became record-breakers as they completed the journey from Land’s End to John o’Groats in just over 22 days. 4-year-old Rhoda Jones is the youngest child to achieve this feat and 5-year-old big sister Ruth is the fastest on a trailerbike. They are looking forward to sharing how they did it and hope to encourage others to share the joy they find in riding their bikes together as a family.

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Family cycling event

The Grove School

Join Camcycle and a range of family cycling experts, children’s cycles, cargo cycles and equipment for carrying children for a new event to share knowledge and experiences of family cycling. The event will include talks, an opportunity for questions and lots of chances for testing of cycles and kit. We thrilled to have two guest […]

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