The Soul of a Cyclist film screening

Storey's Field Centre Eddington

We’re delighted to screen the award-winning film, The Soul of a Cyclist directed by Nuno Tavares (Portugal, 73 min.)

Book your ticket online for a screening at the Storey’s Field Centre in Eddington. Coffee and tea will be served in advance of the film and you can pick up some free resources from the Camcycle stall bike.

‘The Soul of a Cyclist’ has been nominated for more than 30 film festivals around the world and, in the words of its director and producer,  the film explores the relationship between cycling and a broader appreciation of life.

A group of ‘classic’ cyclists, all sharing a common interest in the ‘classic’ bicycle, discover the values that are being lost in our modern society, such as friendship, ecology, and minimalism in order to achieve a happier, simpler and more fulfilled life. This documentary shares how bicycles can be used to transport us in our discovery and reflection of ourselves.

Watch the trailer here: