Camcycle talk at the People City Planet festival

Shirley School

Camcycle will be speaking at the People City Planet Festival alongside John Dales of Urban Movement as part of a session on why we need to, and how we can, change the way we travel. The talks will be followed by a design workshop exploring how we can thrive without a car. Come and explore answers to the following questions:

  • How can streets and neighbourhoods can make it easier us to get around?
  • How can streets become enjoyable places to spend time in?
  • How can North East Cambridge be a place for the future of mobility?

Poster for the People City Planet Festival

The People City Planet Festival is being organised by U+I and TOWN, the developers working on the Core Site in North East Cambridge on behalf of Anglian Water and Cambridge City Council. It is an engagement event to give people of all ages an opportunity to help shape the proposals for the Core Site.

The event takes place at Shirley School on Nuffield Road. On Saturday 17 September, the event will be open from 11am to 7pm and on Sunday 18 September, it will be open from 11am to 4pm.

Some of the activities taking place include:

  • Drawing on the work of Kate Raworth’s influential book, Doughnut Economics: Seven Ways to Think Like a 21st-Century Economist, the Core Site’s lead sustainability advisors, Useful Projects, will explore how we can meet human needs while staying within planetary boundaries.
  • Global advocate for children’s play and mobility, Tim Gill, will guide attendees through the challenges and benefits of designing child-friendly neighbourhoods and how we can create places that allow young people to move around safely and independently.
  • Core Site masterplanners, Kjellander Sjoberg and Cambridge-based architects 5th Studio, will share how we can design a new urban neighbourhood that will support a happy, healthy, and sustainable community.
  • Florence Wilkinson, author of Wild City: Encounters with Urban Wildlife will be taking the main stage alongside Rotterdam-based landscape architects LOLA, to talk about her book, Wild City, Encounters and Urban Wildlife, and to explore how her insights can be applied to the Core Site.
  • Make Space for Girls will be running a workshop exploring how public space that is safe for girls can be created on the Core Site, in light of published figures that show teenage girls feel 10 times less secure in public spaces than boys.
  • The Climate Magician, Megan Swann, President of the Magic Circle, will be performing her magic show that combines her expertise in sustainability and wildlife conservation, with her experience as a professional magician.
  • Cambridge-based Outspoken Cycles, start-up Trilvee and Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination will be among the organisations providing activities within the “Discovery Quarter”.
  • Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination will be exploring what makes a place through the medium of art and discussion for younger audiences.
  • A ‘Neighbourhood Square’ will offer a space to relax with local food, drink, and music from local bands.
  • An exhibition of information about the development of the masterplan for the Core Site will be available for residents to review and comment on.

Find out more on the organisers’ website.