Cambridge Bike Party: 70s Rockstar Ride


Cambridge Bike Party offers free, easy rides around town which are typically held every third weekend of the month.

Bring your cycle, skateboard or skates, add fun lights and throw on some fancy dress to match the theme. Join the moving parade and dance at party stops or just enjoy the scenic views of historic Cambridge.

Cambridge Bike Party gathering in Cambridge Market Square. Photo by Gary James.

The September ride will be held on Saturday 24 September with a 70s Rockstar theme. Whether you want to go glam rock, or hippie chic, pick your favourite 70s rock inspiration and become a star for the night! Consider growing out a handlebar moustache or donning mutton chops. Bonus points for anyone who brings a rock instrument as a prop. Yes, the triangle counts. 😉

Meet at 6.30pm in Fisher Square near Lion Yard by the Between the Lines sculpture (stone ball/brain). The party will begin rolling at 7.15pm and end on Coldham’s Common with a halfway stop at Cambridge Junction.

Find more details on the Cambridge Bike Party website.